From Baby to Toddler....and on...!

Suzi Alderson

When our beautiful neighbor, J, had her first birthday, I wanted to make her something cute to wear that would last a while - be cool in the Summer, and be able to layer in the Fall.

I came across Violet Dress - this is a super cute (& free) pattern on Ravelry and I fell in love with it.

Knit all in one piece (yay, no having to sew up!), it is a simple stockinette stitch pattern. I used a DK cotton yarn, something that was washable and cool. Mirasol Pima Kuri would be gorgeous. You could also use Lana Knits AllHemp6LUX.

J is now 3 years old and still wearing the same dress, but as a top! It still looks stunning......check out the transition pics:


Year 1


At 2 years old:


And, now that she is 3 years old and growing like a tree - here is the latest pic:





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