It's Getting Spooky Around Here...

Suzi Alderson

.....Halloween is (almost) upon us once again!
Our house is THAT house in the neighborhood. As soon as October 1st hits, my partner, He-who-shall-not-be-named(!), is like a kid on Christmas morning. Out comes the boxes from the attic - rats, skulls, monsters and all kinds of creepy madness appears. The massive (polystyrene) gravestones get pulled out from the side of the house, the stuffed dead bodies with ghoulish faces are propped up on the sun loungers and last, but by no means least, the electric chair gets dragged out of the garage.

As we get closer to the big day, more ghosts will be hung, black lights will be mounted, strobe lights will be flashing - and then the webbing will begin!


The costume boxes need to be rummaged through - oh, what to be this year?! Usually a random decision - a last minute flash of genius. A flamboyant wig, a pair of fishnets and a little makeup will do the trick.


So what should we knit to keep up with this festive time of the year? I wanted to come up with something simple that didn't take long to make and that didn't take much brain power. So I came up with some super easy witchy-poo fingerless mitts!

The kit is available HERE and comes with yarn, pattern and a fabulous Halloween canvas tote bag. You will actually have enough yarn to make 2 or 3 pairs - as long as you would like!


Pumpkins to be carved and witches brew to be concocted - don't forget the bloody jello shots with gummy worms....!

 Happy Halloween!

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