So........what's in YOUR knitting bag??

Suzi White

It's probably very bad manners to actually ask what's in a ladies handbag, but when it comes to the knitting bag does the same hold true?

I'm always fascinated by the multitude of huge sacks we all bring to knitting get-togethers. It seems to be that we want to bring as much with us as possible, because you know that the one thing you leave behind will be the one thing that you need to show off/work on/get help on/just need!

My go-to knitting bag that holds all of my "tools", is a Harrods vinyl tote that I actually purchased at Heathrow airport on a trip back to Blighty one year. It's a very convenient size and is super strong - with a zippered top. It is truly amazing how much fits in it - which makes it weigh a ton!

Here's what it contains:

Notebook - with all of my secrets & incantations! Plus a binder holding a ton of various patterns - do you ever really know what project you want to start next?!!

Jar containing random needles, pens, nail files & my favorite wooden ruler

Suzi pouch holding notions - needle sizer, Chibi, stitch markers, scissors, tape measure, etc...

Pouch holding a variety of interchangeables & cords

There is also a folder that contains a bunch of double pointed needles, and another little bag that keeps all of my 16" circulars together.

And, here she is - the queen of bags, that holds it all:

This is, of course, not including the multitude of project bags - unfinished projects/just started projects/never-going-to-be-done projects, etc................!

Ok, I've bared my soul - your turn...

So........what's in YOUR bag.......??

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