The Beauty of Yarn Bombing!

Suzi Alderson

I always found yarn bombing to be so crazy. My logic being - if you have that much time to knit or crochet a tree, you could've finished 3 sweaters! Seemed to me a waste of time and yarn.

But......the more I see it, I have come to love it. So much creativity. So much enjoyment. It beautifies the area, and makes a statement.

Although considered a form of graffiti, yarn is easily removed and can hardly be considered offensive. The amazing creativity on some of these examples is extraordinary - blows my mind!

From bicycles:


And other vehicles:


Even a tank!

This fabulous 104-year-old yarn artist is simply amazing. Click on the picture for the full article.


And, all of these stunning trees:

The massive steps of the Helsinki Cathedral are spectacular - that took a LOT of work, and yarn..

Benches, London phone box, a whole house!!!

And, not to be left out........the loo!


What a fabulous creative, frivolous, fun way to bring artists, knitters, crocheters and innovative people together. Every town needs a little yarn love, don't you think?




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