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Suzi Yarn was created by a love of knitting and passion for all yarns and fibers. Knitting-whiz Suzi White grew up in the UK and moved to California in the early 90s. In England, knitting was commonplace, so, as a young British lass, she had learned the basics of needle arts from her Mum, who knitted and sewed constantly. 

As time progressed, Suzi was drawn more and more to organic, natural yarns. Surrounded by so many incredible blends of fibers, from both plant and animal, she’s always found it exciting to discover a new and wonderful fiber, to see and feel incredible colors and textures, and to actually make it all into something to be enjoyed. 

Suzi also spent a few years teaching knitting and loves the interaction - from helping a seasoned knitter with a problem to introducing a novice to the joys and intricacies of yarn, knitting and beyond. 

For more than 50 years, The Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach has been a long-time seasonal haven for artists and craftspeople. For four of those years, Suzi cheerfully manned her own artist booth during the Winter Festival. For five busy shopping weekends during those years, she featured her hand-knit hats, scarves, cowls and other accessories.  

After being part of the creative family at The Sawdust, she took a much-needed break from knitting and selling. Still riding a high of artistic inspiration, Suzi then realized what she really wanted to do – she would instead sell the yarns that she loves so much while featuring handmade items from fellow artists online. 

Suzi Yarn is particularly interested in supporting fair trade, eco-friendly and handcrafted items and fibers, and is passionate about recycling and repurposing. A small company built around the love of creativity and yarn, as well as years of needle working, Suzi Yarn is happy to answer questions and help in any way to keep each customer yarned and dangerous with their favorite fibers.    

Happy knitting, Yarn Goddesses, and remember, you can never have too much yarn!  



Suzi White

Suzi Yarn 




“I will always buy extra yarn. I will not try to tempt fate.”                                                                     – Stephanie Pearl-McPhee,  

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